Easter 2022

How to Record

  • Play the video back using one device (i.e. your computer)
  • Practice singing your part several times along with the video
  • Listen to the video with headphones or an earpiece
  • Use your cell phone to record your voice as you sing along with the recording
  • Place the phone (or camera) on a stand, or rest it on something while you record
  • Make sure your recording DOES NOT include the sound of the accompaniment
  • Don’t be too critical!
  • Upload your video using THIS LINK, can also use utilities like WeTransfer or DropBox.
    Requires Gmail signin; please email office@peaceinchrist.org if you don’t have a gmail account you can use to sign in. Please don’t try to email your video.

Since we’re a small group, you’re welcome to record as many of the parts as you can reach! I promise, I’ll only put your face in the video once. . . 

PALM SUNDAY: A Joyful Psalm (SAB) – Deadline Fri 4/8 

GOOD FRIDAY: Deep Were His Wounds (SATB) – Deadline Mon 4/11 

EASTER SUNDAY: Jubilate Deo (2-part) – Deadline Mon 4/11 

  • Sheet music 
  • Gentlemen, feel free to record either of the parts below–I’ll be dubbing them in to create the four-part section.
  • PRONUNCIATION: Yoo-bee-lah-teh   Deh-oh
  • Guide Track (Part I)
  • Guide Track (Part II)

Come Away to the Skies (SAA) – Deadline Mon 4/11