ABOUT ME: I’ve been doing web/database programming for a variety of small nonprofits since 2003. I hold a Master of Computer Science degree from Hood College.

On weekends, I serve as a church organist and choir director. My husband and I live on the fringes of the DC Metro area, with our five “fur children” and way too many bicycles.

~ Sharon Stromberg, Creative Principal

ABOUT THE NAME: ccharacter (say SEE-character) has been my screen name for many years. It dates back to college days, when my friend Ted, a.k.a. “Ted Character,” first applied the nickname “Character Character.” So ccharacter is really short for “Character Character.”

Furthermore, like Chaucer’s scholar, “gladly would [I] learn, and gladly teach.” In either case, character development (with one “c”) is my goal.

So the name says it all!

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