Pentecost 2022

How to Record

  • Play the video back using one device (i.e. your computer)
  • Practice singing your part several times along with the video
  • Listen to the video with headphones or an earpiece
  • Use your cell phone to record your voice as you sing along with the recording
  • Place the phone (or camera) on a stand, or rest it on something while you record
  • Make sure your recording DOES NOT include the sound of the accompaniment
  • Don’t be too critical!
  • Upload your video using THIS LINK, can also use utilities like WeTransfer or DropBox.
    Requires Gmail signin; please email if you don’t have a gmail account you can use to sign in. Please don’t try to email your video.

If you can reach the melody, please record it, as well as any parts you can reach. I promise, I’ll only put your face in the video once. . . 

Spirit of Gentleness (SATB) – Deadline Thurs 6/2