Resrc Manager

This plugin is designed to manage resources on a site. It provides quick and easy ways to organize and display your videos, graphics, documents, links, and more.

You can organize your resource library by any number of categories. Optional: add a description and/or featured image, which is used for thumbnails.

Create a grid (with thumbnails) or a bulleted list (without thumbnails) to display your items by category. Choose whether you want each item to open in its own Resource page or a modal pop-up. This lets you keep visitors on your own site instead of sending them to YouTube or Vimeo to watch your content.

Easily display embedded PDFs in pop-up modals as well. Use categories like EMBED and DOWNLOAD and ALL SIZES to customize the shortcode.

Nearly all the links, buttons, and pop-ups shown are created automatically by the shortcodes–no programming needed!

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