Sharon’s WordPress Tweaks

This plugin is a constantly evolving collection of useful hacks, scripts, and other customizations. Options like these may be turned on or off using the PLUGIN SETTINGS tab:

  • Place site in Maintenance Mode
  • Display php errors in browser
  • Count Post Views
  • Track Last Login
  • Gravity Form Screener: custom validation that rejects entries on the selected forms if they contain HTML, non-English characters, a handful of objectionable words, or clearly spammish names

The following features are provided by default:

  • Blank Page Template: no header, footer, or sidebar–does include theme scripts and styles.
  • Enable excerpts for pages (posts have it by default)
  • Duplicate posts, pages, or CPTs with a single click.
  • Masonry layout enabled
  • Turn off wp-shake js on login page
  • And more!

Special classes provide advanced functionality:

  • Image Modal: simply add a class to any image, and the user will be able to click to view it full-size in a pop-up window. See the logo at right for a sample:
  • Dynamically display the current year (i.e. copyright)

A collection of configurable shortcodes allows you to. . .

  • Display a grid of most popular posts
  • Display a pop-up modal on any page
  • Easily create a collapsible accordion
  • List posts or pages by category
  • Display a page’s children or siblings
  • Redirect a page to another URL using javascript
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