Holy Week & Easter Music

How to Record

  • Play the video back using one device (i.e. your computer)
  • Practice singing your part several times along with the video
  • Listen to the video with headphones or an earpiece
  • Use your cell phone to record your voice as you sing along with the recording
  • Place the phone (or camera) on a stand, or rest it on something while you record
  • Make sure your recording DOES NOT include the sound of the accompaniment
  • Don’t be too critical!
  • Upload your video using THIS LINK
    Requires Gmail signin; please email office@peaceinchrist.org if you don’t have a gmail account you can use to sign in. Please don’t try to email your video.

For Maundy Thursday:

DEADLINE: Monday (3/29)
In Silent Pain the Eternal Son

For Easter Sunday:

DEADLINE: Wednesday (3/31)
Alleluia Round – sheet music
Please choose one of the three lines to record at a time. The top line is sung five times, the second line four, third line three.

Ring the Easter Bells